• "'Please, please read this delight-filled book. It grabbed me by the throat and wouldn't let go until I had finished it. It offers more than pleasure; it should open the eyes of those who don't understand the colossal value that immigrants bring to this country.'"

    Claire Rayner
  • "'Meticulously researched and beautifully written, an inspiring true-life rags to riches story. I hope it does very well. I'm sure it will. Andrew Miller has done a terrific job.'"

    Melanie McGrath, author of Silvertown
  • "Andrew Miller, in recreating the story of his grandparents' early lives, has vividly drawn a picture of a vanished world, a world of desperate poverty but equally a world of hope. The Earl of Petticoat Lane is a magnificent achievement."

    Judith Flanders
  • "This is a treasure of a book. Andrew Miller's true story of love, fear, lingerie and social climbing is an unforgettably vivid picture of the old East End both at peace and war. Between the rollicking fun and the nostalgia it can also - like the best Yiddish songs - move you to tears."

    Ann Wroe