• "He is one of the contemporary novel's greatest human investigators"

    Paul Binding, Independent on Sunday
  • "The glimpsed idea of a wider, more poetic sensibility linking art, death, reading and love"

    James Urquhart, Mail on Sunday
  • "Enquist brings out the sad sorority of two women who suffered grotesquely for love and work"

    Brenda Maddox, The Times
  • "Anyone who read Per Olov Enquists dazzling novel...The Visit of the Royal Physician...will not be surprised to hear that he has written another fascinating, highly charged miracle of compression...Fiction rarely gets more interesting than this"

    John de Falbe, Spectator
  • "Dizzy with associations and questions, full of interest and appetite and the satisfactions of a good mind...often funny"

    Anne Enright, Guardian