• "The Vengeance of Rome comes along to remind us of what we have been missing: the dynamism of a 19th-century master operating with all the darts and shuffles of our electronic, amnesiac, fast-twitch culture"

    Iain Sinclair, Spectator
  • "A final, breath-stopping moment of deeply ironic self-delusion at the end of a grandiose, beautifully modulated quartet"

    Scotland on Sunday
  • "A wonderfully vivid evocation of Europe in its darkest hour"

    Mail on Sunday
  • "Historical picaresque on the grand scale, a vast...chronicle of tall tales, brief encounters and expert twitches on the thread of destiny"

    DJ Taylor, Guardian
  • "The particular journey into hell that Moorcock gives us in the Pyat Quartet is as terrifying and argumentative as that taken by Dante in The Divine Comedy. And in spite of the fact that 'comedy' means 'story with a happy ending', it is also like Dante in being brilliantly, horribly funny"

    Time Out