• "Delves so deep beyond its own shock horror premise that much contemporary crime fiction looks like cheap, exploitative rubbish by comparison utterly absorbing novel that gives as vivid - and disturbing - a picture of contemporary Japan as you could imagine"

  • "Suicide, paedophilia, incest and murder combine with subtle touches of humour to form a story that will leave you questioning your own morality"

    Dazed and Confused
  • "This is a rich, complex read. Be prepared for a book utterly unlike anything we are used to in crime fiction"

  • "It is one of the most unexpected and playful novels to emerge from Japan in recent years...a triumph. In its boldness and originality, it broadens our sense of what modern Japanese fiction can be"

  • "Unclichéd contemporary noir at its most absorbing and relevant...a masterful and haunting achievement"