• "This narrative is even more dreadfully surreal, more astoundingly alien, than that of The Great Terror"

    Martin Amis
  • "Massive and devastating ... The Harvest of Sorrow reveals the truth about the dreadful years as fully and unflinchingly as Mr Conquest's The Great Terror presented it about Stalin's later crimes"

    The Times
  • "A harrowing story, told with great power and a wealth of detail"

    Evening Standard
  • "It is to Robert Conquest's undying credit that he has at last brought this incredible story into the light of day"

  • "Majestic ... The detachment of Conquest's telling adds to the story's horror and its effectiveness"

    Sunday Times
  • "The first thoroughgoing account of the tragedy ... heartrending"

  • "Essential reading for those who wish to understand the nature of the Soviet system"

    Wall Street Journal