• "Perhaps the most famous work of fiction dealing directly with the disease"

  • "And what does Solzhenitsyn say about cancer? How does he reach me, in Australia, with his Russian book? He shows me something valuable that I discovered during my own medical treatment. The people who are involved in cancer -- the sufferer, the doctors, the nurses, the orderlies -- are often occupied less with the cancer than with each other. There are small societies of patients and medical workers in a hospital ward, and in those societies people share what they have: their love and resentment, their stories and observations."

    Brenda Walker, The Australian
  • "Solzhenitsyn was a great writer as the result of the collision of a particular personality and an awesome subject matter"

    Henry Porter, Observer
  • "Solzhenitsyn is a man of genius…it is a privilege to be Solzhenitsyn’s contemporary"

  • "There has been no such analysis of the corrupting power of the police state in Soviet literature"