• "This book should be required will shock many to the quick, that all this could be happening under their noses"

    Jack Straw, Guardian
  • "He describes what he sees and hears with exemplary clarity, neither pulling punches nor exaggerating... Read him to discover how dreadful a country much of Britain has become"

    Theodore Dalrymple, Sunday Telegraph
  • "A most powerful and harrowing piece of investigative takes a very brave and persistent reporter to reach the hidden part of Britain that Davies has chosen to explore"

    Peregrine Worsthorne, New Statesman
  • "If you want to find out about the poor, you have to go looking. Most people, most writers, don't bother. Nick Davies has bothered, and he should be congratulated...his analysis is spot on"

    Robert Crampton, The Times
  • "A brilliant journalistic investigation... A copy should be sent to every Labour MP to remind them of their responsibilities"

    Robert McCrum, Observer