• "A rumbustious memorial to one of the most unignorable literary presences of our time"

    Sunday Times
  • "Dazzling... A brilliant and surprising conclusion to the career of one of the most intelligent and tireless writers of the century"

    Philip Hensher, Mail on Sunday
  • "A fine book"

  • "Byrne is full of his characteristic wit, gusto and erudition"

    David Lodge, Observer
  • "A complex dark comedy in fluently rhymed verse. Frequently hilarious and always engaging, this final book simultaneously satisfies the differing demands of prose fiction and narrative verse. Composed mostly in the same ottava rima that Byron used for "Don Juan," Byrne shows Burgess in command of his poetic medium. One might expect an author to experience new spiritual insight on his deathbed, but such a technical breakthrough is highly unusual"

    New York Times