• "With Chatwin is not a full-scale biography, but rather a fresh, vivid portrait, organised more or less chronologically, though built up around certain key themes... a novel and suitably unponderous way of depicting someone so mercurial. It's a very funny book... full of subtle and revealing insights"

    Edmund White, Times Literary Supplement
  • "An enchanting memoir... neatly packed with precisely the kind of detailed observation that renders such portraits compelling... Appropriately enough, [Susannah Clapp] has adopted Chatwin's own connoisseurishly boastful style, the better to display all his rarities, coups and unrepeatable trophies... With Chatwin is, as its title hints, virtually an addition to Chatwin's own oeuvre"

    David Sexton, Sunday Telegraph
  • "A beautiful memoir... fascinating"

    Ian Buruma, Spectator
  • "An affectionate, frank and skilful portrait"

    Jan Morris, Literary Review