• "Karoo has all the ingredients of a truly great novel. Its plot has the pathos of a Greek tragedy and enough twists and turns to satisfy the most avid Raymond Chandler fan. The characters come alive as soon as they appear on the page. Fantastic"

    Literary Review
  • "Utterly wonderful... This novel does supremely what novels were invented to do - it confronts the most unbearable sadness with a comic exhilaration that makes you almost pleased that life is tragic"

    Howard Jacobson
  • "Mordantly funny, unexpectedly moving and brutally honest about the business of making movies"

    Richard E Grant
  • "Fascinating. A real satiric invention, loaded with wise outrage"

    Arthur Miller
  • "Terrific. Nakedly honest, a tour de force of self-destruction. As Saul spirals into free-fall we're with him all the way, because he's so furiously funny"

    Deborah Moggach