• "Here is a book littered with brilliant offerings from the finest writers in modern America- Tom Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson, George Plimpton - to remind us that Ali was a giant, not just in boxing, but in life"

    Jim White, Guardian
  • "Fighter, celebrity, draft dodger, activist, poet, victim, inspiration, champion - pick a year and choose a label. Muhammad Ali has been them all. With the excellent I'm A Little Special, Gerald Early sets out to reintrodcue some perspective to the myth that has grown up around the man"

    Total Sport
  • "Celebrate[s] Ali's extraordinary power without being dazzled by it... The pieces in I'm A Little Special offer variously interesting takes and out -takes on [his] artistry"

    Geoff Dyer, Guardian
  • "Contemplative and reflective pieces... capturing different aspects of Ali and the conditions under which he came to prominence"