• "As a field for concern in poetry, superabundance enables Lasdun to display his lavish poetic gifts"

    David Herd, Times Literary Supplement
  • "Readers who want to see rejuvenated form in untroubled action, giving brisk shape to contemporary and classical events, will find it in Lasdun"

    Helen Vendler, New York Review of Books
  • "James Lasdun seems to be one of the secret gardens of English writing...when we read him we know what language is for"

    James Wood, Guardian
  • "Brilliant...full of linguistic panache, uncommon depths of feeling, fine ironies and taut drama. He seems to me certainly among the most gifted, vivid and deft poets now writing in English, and far better than many who are more famous. His capacities are solidly established; his promise is nearly infinite"

    Anthony Hecht