• "The most instantly penetrating of contemporary poets... she has great intellectual and emotional knowledge, a vast habitat, to every bit of which she brings powerful perception and a freshness as startling as a loud knock at the door"

    Calvin Bedient, New York Times Book Review
  • "Anne Carson, a Canadian, is quite remarkable. She really has captured me. I have been reading her obsessively over the past months. A stunning writer"

    Harold Bloom, Paris Review
  • "In every form we find a sly, plainspoken eroticism that is a perfect complement to her sly, plainspoken intellectual ardour... a truly great poet of the 21st century"

    Rebecca Wolff, Time Out
  • "She is an exceptionally exciting new voice"

    John Lancaster, Daily Telegraph
  • "Carson writes ina language any poet would kill for: sensuous and funny, poignant, musical and tender, brilliantly lighted"

    Ruth Padel, New York Times Book Review