• "An extraordinary graphic novel memoir of a childhood spent growing up with an epileptic brother... Epileptic possesses a charm, rhythm and majesty all its own"

    Time Out
  • "A graphics extravaganza...bursting with energy and wild imaginings, a comic tour de force that is as emotionally gut-wrenching as it is visually stunning... Epileptic is a masterpiece - perhaps the masterpiece - of the genre"

  • "A work of deep, deep darkness and luminosity"

  • "An astonishing, autobiographical graphic's very moving and...very funny"

    The Times
  • "It is rare to encounter a project this honest and forthright about real human emotions. But saying that Epileptic is merely confessional conveys nothing of what makes it so special. David B. had scrafted the most innovative comics project of the decade. And probably also the most important"

    The Comics Journal