• "His key postwar work. A quarter-century ahead of its time in its portrayal of a quotidian homosexual life, it inspired a generation of gay writers in Britain and the US"

  • "This mix of humour and stoicism in the face of pent-up grief is essential Isherwood"

  • "His own highly personal form of fiction [is one] in which simple sentences strike a note of great intimacy with the reader as if to a close personal friend, and a sense of total honesty is sought. This style, witty, observant, nostalgic, exact, was Isherwood's great contribution to modern literature"

    Financial Times
  • "He had dazzling talents as a writer. His literary production was pre-eminent for its wit, humour, charm of style and narrative skill... A Single Man can be almost considered as his masterpiece"

    John Lehmann, Guardian
  • "Very sad and yet at times wildly funny"

    The Daily Telegraph