• "The greatest biography of our era … Essential reading for those who want to comprehend power and politics"

    The Times
  • "As if it were possible, Master of the Senate takes what was already an outstanding multi-volume series on to a still higher plane. It is, quite simply, the finest biography I have ever read, or ever could imagine reading. It is more than that: it is one of the finest works of literature I have ever encountered, or ever hope to"

    New Statesman
  • "The breathtaking detail makes it impossible to put down"

    The Times
  • "Dazzling ... awesome ... Rarely will you come across a more compelling account of the nature of great power and its entanglement with massive personality. Rarely will you find another biography which is such a fascinating study of how a bad man became a power for the good"

  • "A wonderful, a glorious tale … It will be hard to equal this amazing book … Caro’s description of how [Johnson passed the civil rights legislation] is masterly; I was there and followed the course of the legislation closely, but I did not know the half of it"

    New York Times Book Review
  • "Quite breathtaking ... one of the great political biographies"

    Gordon Brown