• "Funny, bizarre, often moving and always brave"

    Sunday Times
  • "I yearned for a bad influence and boy, was Tennessee one in the best sense of the word: joyous, alarming, sexually confusing and dangerously funny"

    John Waters
  • "Williams's ear for dialogue, eye for character, and exploration of love, longing and loneliness are as powerful in these stories as they are in his plays."

    John Berendt, author of Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil
  • "There used to be two streetcars in New Orleans. One was named Desire and the other was called Cemeteries. To get where you were going, you changed from the first to the second. In these stories, Tennessee validated with his genius our common ticket of transfer"

    Gore Vidal
  • "As in the plays, it is the force and adroitness of his curiosity that impresses."