• "To live now and not to know this work is to be a kind of historical fool missing a crucial part of the consciousness of the age"

    W.L. Webb, Guardian
  • "The ferocious testimony of a man of genius"

    Stephen Spender, London Magazine
  • "What gives the book its value is the sound it gives out; the harsh roar give out by a wise and experienced animal as a warning that the herd is in danger"

    Rebecca West, Sunday Telegraph
  • "He is one of the towering figures of the age as a writer, as moralist, as hero... in The Gulag Archipelago he has acheived the impossible"

    Edward Crankshaw, Observer
  • "It is impossible to name a book that had a greater effect on the political and moral consciousness of the late twentieth century"

    David Remnick, New Yorker