• Recalling Dickens and other 19th century fiction. these contrasts between cuddly goodies and cartoon villain are schematic and manipulative. The author's contempt for the soulless super-rich, previously evident in The King of Torts, does produce some telling satirical moments. Riveting.

    Sunday Times
  • What he does so well is to people his plots with clearly defined characters. Grisham's been on a mission to highlight, if not right, the legal wrongs in America ever since he wrote The Innocent Man. In a country where justice is clearly for sale, he's certainly got his task cut out. He makes it riveting.

  • A tense, thoughtful, absorbing read.

    Marcel Berlins, The Times
  • As usual Grisham is fantastically skilful at delineating the procedural ins and outs of the legal and business worlds in such a way that, as the reader, you feel rather clever yourself.

    Daily Express
  • Reads both like an inspirational debut and a brilliant career masterpiece... Technically the book is a tour de force, the characters perfectly balanced and precisely drawn, the forward-thrusting chapters sculpted in size and rhythm... The Appeal is a blatant page turner but I guarantee you will hate reaching the end.

    Sunday Express

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