Princess Poppy: A True Princess

Janey Louise Jones, Theresa Gallagher (Read by)

Poor Poppy is feeling very down in the dumps - so much so she doesn't even believe she is a true princess any more. She is envious of her best friend because Honey is being taken on loads of fabulous outings by her parents, while Poppy's Grandpa and Dad are too busy and her Mum is tired all the time because of her big baby bump! To make things even worse, Poppy is convinced that everyone likes Honey more than they like her and that they think she is prettier, including Mum and Cousin Saffron.
Poppy decides that the only thing for it is to start acting more like her best friend and to try to look more like her too. Poppy is sure that once she has turned herself into a copy of Honey, everyone will like her so much more.
Find out what happens when Poppy tries to become Honey, and listen along as Honeypot Hill is brought to life in a fab CD.

  • RHCP Digital
  • Published 18th March 2010
  • 60 Minutes
  • £5.00