• "

    A very special piece of travel writing. To journey past familiar European landmarks with someone who knew them in the post-war chaos of the 1940s is both moving and illuminating


    Tim Butcher, author of Blood River
  • "Gimlette has a gift for travel writing with details of the most intimate kind, the small change and ammunition of a soldier's life... A subtle book, with telling testimony from the survivors of what it was actually like to fight a war with few rules"

    Hugh Thomson, Independent
  • "An important book, reminding us of the links between old and new world, ideals and ideologies, war and peace in our phoenix-like continent. It is at once raw and erudite, deeply moving and strangely leisurely. It's also rich in black humour and insight"

    Rory MacLean, Guardian
  • "An original travel book, written in vigorous prose and exhaustively researched... it has at its heart a profound understanding of the "soup" - the chaos and madness - of war"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "As a born traveller and writer, he takes an epicurean pleasure in place and language"

    Tom Fort, Sunday Telegraph