• Reacher is one of those characters who is admired by his male readers and lusted after by his female ones in equal measure...Child's tough-as-nails protagonist has become one of the most appealing of contemporary heroes.

    Daily Express
  • Jack Reacher has the manliness of John Wayne, the coping skills of Jack Bauer, the fieldcraft of John Rambo and the coolness of Dirty Harry.

    Johnny Vaughan, Sunday Times
  • Child is a great storyteller, building plots that, although complex, are as compelling as they are ultimately logical. Put it this way - the reader never feels conned. Also, Reacher is the sort of cool but ultra-tough good guy who'll stop at nothing to get to the truth . . . another sure-fire hit.

    Daily Mirror
  • [Reacher] has long since gained mythical status...storytelling of the highest order: lean, laconic, laced with tension.

    Evening Standard
  • Forget the A-team. If you're in a fix, and you want help, you need Jack Reacher . . . the twists come thick and fast, the false trails are cleverly laid and the surprise developments are genuinely unexpected . . . Child, as always, delivers.

    Yorkshire Evening Post

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