• "A wonderfully sympathetic account of how and, possibly, why Drew became Dru"

    Daily Mail
  • "A gentle, wise and touching book, full of warmth, humour, friendship and humanity"

    Literary Review
  • "A brave and intelligent book"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "This beautifully-written and thoroughly well-researched book is Beard's searingly honest attempt to understand what his friend had gone through ... It is deliciously un-PC, unpreachy, refreshingly free of sentimentality, and, at times, drily comic... touching and life affirming. It left me marvelling about human nature. There aren't many of those kinds of books about"

    Dermond Moore, Irish Post
  • "This very personal story of how the friendship between two men had to be completely re-evaluated when one of them had a sex change is written in an honest and deeply thoughtful way and is totally devoid of any sensationalism or prurience"

    reFresh magazine