• "A fecund mixture of surrealism, symbolism, nouveau roman experimentation and Borgesian fantasy, Cortázar enthusiastically seeds his realistic settings – for the most part split between Buenos Aires and Paris – with impossible invasions of the fantastical and supernatural. The effect is often a refined philosophical take on the "uncanny tales" strand of speculative fiction"

  • "Cortázar is one of the most distinctive voices in Latin American literature"

  • "Original...circuitous and powerful... Cortázar's method is to keep tight control over a world in which, just below the surface of charming, sophisticated social life, lies the unfaceable and unmentionable"

    Financial Times
  • "Cortázar can induce the kind of chilling unease that strikes like a sound in the night"

  • "A first-class literary imagination at work"

    The New York Times Book Review