The Idler (Issue 40) Carnal Knowledge

Dan Kieran, Tom Hodgkinson

Sex today seems too much like hard work. Magazines tell us we have to put more effort in and learn new tips. So how can we bring the playfulness back?

This issue of the Idler features an exclusive cover from Damien Hirst and an interview with Esther Perel, author of the best-seller Mating in Captivity. Michael Bywater condemns the rise of frantic sex. Neil Boorman asks whether he is the only one who's not doing it all day every day, and attacks the adman's commercialisation of sex. Jay Griffiths argues that the real spirit of Christmas is bawdy and raucous and naughty. Sarah Janes reveals her sex-dream diaries, and Nicholas Lezard wonders where all the fun went. We meet Kevin Godley of 10cc fame and feature new work from Gee Vaucher and Penny Rimbaud. With its mix of savage humour, warm wisdom, radical thought and uncompromising art, the Idler will amuse, instruct and help bring the pleasure back into everyday life.

  • Ebury Press
  • Published 4th October 2007
  • 224 Pages
  • 148mm x 210mm x 17mm
  • 440g
  • £10.99