• "James Lasdun is probably the closest in recent years this country has come to a genuinely great practitioner of the short story"

  • "Elegant, acutely observed and utterly unflinching... Many writers aim to create work that is unsettling, or perhaps even painful - though not, usually, too painful to bear, at least during the actual reading of the tale. Few, however, do it so well as James Lasdun"

    John Burnside, The Times
  • "James Lasdun seems to me to be one of the secret gardens of English writing... when we read him we know what language is for"

    James Wood
  • "Highly intelligent, elegantly composed, darkly haunting and greatly moving, few writers could even hope to compare with Lasdun's literary brilliance"

  • "Lasdun is a good poet; his prose here is marked by a fine, thoughtful, humane exactness"

    Tom Deveson, Sunday Times