• "Timothy Snyder's initiative has prompted a sparkling dialogue which, through following the stages of Tony Judt's life and emergence as an exceptional historian, offers important reflections on major currents of political thinking in the 20th century"

    Ian Kershaw
  • "There is much brilliance here to enjoy ... The best kind of book"

    David Aaronovitch, The Times
  • "Brilliant to the bitter end...Tony Judt was combative and razor-sharp even as he was dying...A moving, enlightening and provocative read...It is impossible not to marvel at the dying man's extraordinary mental recall and moral integrity ... This book, bristling with learning, is a staggering achievement"

    Dominic Sandbrook, Sunday Times
  • "Thinking the Twentieth Century is a substantial achievement"

    Tony Barber, Financial Times
  • "Brilliantly eloquent"

    Neil Ascherson, Guardian

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