• "A nihilistic, Generation X-style manifesto... Its impudent, hand-on-hip attitude cannot fail to charm"

    New Statesman
  • "Funny and melancholy, scintillatingly observed, and has a very big heart"

    The Times
  • "Both a personal odyssey and an insightful commentary about modern Chinese society and life itself... Xiaolu Guo is an instinctive, humane witness, her atmospheric, unusually physical narratives are alive and attractively insistent, inspired variations on the theme of quest"

    Irish Times
  • "A pure and bracing blast of universal youth... I loved it. It shines with the utterly blameless, scarily fragile arrogance of youth itself, the absolute certainty that death is better than middle age"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "A breath of the freshest air imaginable. She cuts through the smog of hype and platitude"

    Boyd Tonkin, Independent