• "This year's most richly pleasurable reading experience"

    Sunday Telegraph
  • "A scintillating figure-of-eight skate around, inter alia, Sterne, Flaubert, Proust, Joyce, Kafka, Gombrowicz and Nabokov, on the theme of style and translation, a one-off like a novel with everything cut except the digressions, and an interesting fact on every page"

    Tom Stoppard, Guardian
  • "His book shoves its delirious way around and through four centuries of great novelists, tumbles them down one trapdoor and hauls them out of another; it provokes as much as evokes and, in general, sets up a dance whose music he partly finds in them and partly invents for them...a prodigy and, as such, unstoppable...a treasure"

    Richard Eder, New York Times
  • "Something good on every page"

    Michael Hofmann, Guardian
  • "A deft and thought-provoking piece of work"

    Independent on Sunday