• "The most perceptive author of the twentieth century"

    The Times
  • "Yates is a realist par excellence, the natural heir to Hemingway's pared-to-the-bones style and the antecedent of Carver's flat minimalism. There is something else though: a kind of transparency, almost a translucency, that owes more to Fitzgerald, his great literary hero... Read and weep"

    Kate Atkinson, Guardian
  • "Yates created what is almost the New York equivalent of Dubliners"

    New York Times
  • "Eloquent and powerful... Wryly funny even when he's quietly tearing your heart out"

  • "Extravagantly gifted... Yates' eye and ear are unsurpassed; I know of no writer whose senses are in more admirable condition. It is they that make his characters live, make these stories move and beat - they, and the sure perfection of his writing"