• "The Gardener and the Carpenter should be required reading for anyone who is, or is thinking of becoming a parent ... Gopnik's science-based assertion is a welcome corrective to the prevailing culture of coaching and tutoring children"

    Isabel Berwick, Financial Times
  • "[An] elegantly readable and thoughtful book… It should be required reading for anyone involved in educational reform."

    Lara Feigel, Observer
  • "[A] thoughtful book… Gopnik shines when she describes the intricate world of children’s play… This is a lovely book, and the life’s work that animates it, will only deepen that bond, helping our children to flourish"

    Erika Christakis, Washington Post Sunday
  • "[A] fascinating and passionate diatribe."

    Bee Wilson, Guardian
  • "Gopnik's book seems a welcome burst of common sense ... fascinating."

    New Scientist