• "A literary colossus, whose ability to inspire, astonish and enrage his readers is undiminished'"

    Washington Post
  • "There is a clarity, almost a ruthlessness, to his work, which makes the experience of reading any of his books a bracing, wild ride... He is the last of the giants"

    The Times
  • "Roth...knows no limits, which is part of the fun of reading him"

    New Stateman
  • "While the other big beasts of his literary generation lost it one by one, Roth has enjoyed a flowering of late form barely seen since Yeats."

    Literary Review
  • "Roth is no longer a novelist of comic exuberance, but of thoughtful meditation about life and increasingly death; he is our surviving laureate of lateness. His new work will not detain you long, but it will linger"


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