• "[A] wonderful book"

    Dame Felicity Lott, Waitrose Weekend
  • "In a decade where memoir became the dominant genre, this immensely evocative family history told via the journey through the generations of some Japanese miniature figures stood out"

    Andrew Holgate, Sunday Times, *Books of the Decade*
  • "From a hard and vast archival mass...Mr de Waal has fashioned, stroke by minuscule stroke, a book as fresh with detail as if it had been written from life, and as full of beauty and whimsy as a netsuke from the hands of a master carver."

    The Economist
  • "This remarkable book... a meditation on touch, exile, space and the responsibility of inheritance... like the netsuke themselves, this book is impossible to put down. you have in your hands a masterpiece."

    Frances Wilson, The Sunday Times
  • "Few writers have ever brought more perception, wonder and dignity to a family story as has Edmund de Waal in a narrative that beguiles from the opening sentence"

    Eileen Battersby, Irish Times

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