• "Every now and then along comes an historical novel with such scope and ambition that it takes your breath away...So it is appropriate that Lindsey Davis's monumental English Civil War epic, Rebels and Traitors, is billed as the equivalent of Margaret Mitchell's American blockbuster Gone With The Wind ... Rebels and Traitors is as much an informative history lesson as a gripping historical novel and Davis spares us none of the terrible realities of this disastrous war - the slaughter of innocents, the break-up of families, the shattered dreams and the desperate struggle to survive. A magnificent evocation of time and place"

    Lancashire Evening Post
  • "Davies is a prolific and popular writer, with a wide following for her thrillers set in the classical world. This is something different, large-scale and very ambitious. The word "epic" is overused, but this book deserves it. Davies never forgets that this is not the "English" civil war, but a conflict fought in Wales, Ireland and Scotland as well ... Her research has been assiduous and detailed, her commitment to the subject is impressive, and the background detail is often eye-opening."

    Hilary Mantel, Observer