• "As exquisitely observed and quietly brilliant as the rest of Tyler's fiction"

    Joanna Briscoe, Guardian
  • "Anne Tyler draws a comedy that is not so much brilliant as luminous - its observant sharpness sweetened by a generous understanding of human fallibility"

    Jane Shilling, Daily Telegraph
  • "Noah's Compass is immensely readable. It displays many of Tyler's finest qualities: her sharp observation of humanity, her wry comedy; the luminous accuracy of her descriptions... a novel by Anne Tyler is cause for celebration"

    Caroline Moore, Sunday Telegraph
  • "Anne Tyler is a novelist who has elevated pitch-perfect observation of everyday detail into an art form... a beautifully subtle book, an elegant contemplation of what it means to be happy and the consequences of a defensive withdrawal from other people"

    Elizabeth Day, Observer
  • "One of my favourite authors, one of the very few I rush out to buy in hardback."

    Craig Brown, Mail on Sunday