• "Our Mutual Friend made me want to be a writer"

    Zoe Heller, Guardian
  • "Dickens wasn't just telling a story, but drawing a panoramic picture of his times, full of detail about the way the Victorians lived, loved and thought. Our Mutual Friend is superbly constructed - part social satire, part murder mystery, part love story. It is crowded with memorable characters: the aspirational Veneerings, the playboy lawyer Eugene Wrayburn, and the heroines: giddy-minded Bella Wilfur and saintly Lizzy Hexam"

  • "Our Mutual Friend disturbs us to the root of our being...terribly great"

    John Sutherland
  • "Perhaps his greatest work. The great novel of London: dark, wise, unsentimental"

    William Boyd, Newsweek
  • "Charles Dickens is the greatest novelist in the English language"

    Peter Ackroyd