• "A book that can be felt on your pulses. Galloway is a literary endoscopist: she gets beneath the surface of life and exposes the nerves...Writing has rarely been so visceral"

    The Independent
  • "Spiky, bleak stories ... moving and poignant. Sometimes you have to read them twice"

    William Leith, Evening Standard
  • "Her compassion is compassion with bite, her beauty is beauty that stings, and her comfort always comes with a sense of loss. It doesn't make for an easy read, but as with the best medicine, it's good for you"

    Lesley McDowell, Independent on Sunday
  • "Beautifully crafted and true-to-life stories"

    The Times
  • "Galloway's ear for dialogue is astonishing, almost musical"

    Olivia Laing, The Observer