• "Hilarious and thought-provoking"

    London Review of Books
  • "Brilliant and brain boggling by turns"

    Daily Mail
  • "Inherent Vice works brilliantly as both a neon-lit noir and as a psychedelic lament to the Sixties"

    Sunday Telegraph
  • "The greatest, wildest author of his generation"

  • "The intellectual game-play is characteristically dazzling...colourful and pleasurable"

    Financial Times
  • "You don't have to have been there; if you're willing, he'll take you there"

    Michael Carlson, Spectator
  • "The pioneering work in a genre you'd have to call psychedelic Noir ...Who writes sentences as beautiful as Pynchon?"

    Sam Leith, Daily Mail
  • "Pynchon leaves the rest of the American literary establishment at the starting gate...the range over which he moves is extraordinary, not simply in terms of ideas explored but also in the range of emotions he takes you through"

    Time Out
  • "The most important and mysterious writer of his generation"