• "Compelling, penetrative and timely. If more of us in the West grasp Aslan's arguments, we will begin to win the war of ideas against Jihadists and extremists."

    Ed Husain, author of The Islamist
  • "excellent"

    paul sims, Guardian
  • "absorbing, thought-provoking and illuminating... Few writers are as well qualified to tackle the terrain... Aslan's book represents nothing less than a call to arms, a clear-eyed and impassioned remidner that the most effective way to win a cosmic war is to triumph in the battle for hearts and minds at home."

    Sarfraz Manzoor, Guardian
  • "What is refreshing about Aslan's book is its breadth and its impartiality."

  • "'Offers a very persuasive argument for the best way to counter jihadism." "

    The Washington Post