• "This is a brilliant, disturbing and wildly imaginative picture of the nanny state run mad; how far should the State be allowed to poke its nose into a citizen's business?"

    Kate Saunders, Times
  • "Zeh seems to have won every European literary prize going...Three years since its first publication in German (it is translated here with tremendous gusto by Sally-Ann Spencer), Zeh’s novel is even more relevant to our over-structure, over-quantified times."

    Simon Ings, Guardian
  • "An impressively plausible account of a conformist society disguised as a utopia"

    Lucy Popescu, Independent
  • "In Sally-Ann Spencer's superb translation from German, Juli Zeh's novel gives form to a dystopia that remains hauntingly recognizable"

    Charlotte Ryland, Times Literary Supplement
  • "Thoughtful and intelligent...her main character Mia is an intellectual heroine as much as a physical rebel."

    Lesley McDowell, Sunday Herald