• "One of the most pleasurable and joyous novels of the year"

    John Self, Independent
  • "A brilliant, funny novel; an expertly woven tapestry of literary allusions… Enrique Vila-Matas has created a masterpiece"

    Jacqueline McCarrick, Times Literary Supplement
  • "Hugely entertaining…Vila-Matas enjoyed himself writing Dublinesque, that is obvious, and the reader will also enjoy – and collaborate in – this delightful literary exercise that is clever without being knowing, lightly erudite but never pretentious"

    Eileen Battersby, Irish Times
  • "Vila Matas’s novel is full of spectres, absences, near-misses… Like Becket, it is apocalypse without the drama… Dublinesque is a postmodern meditation on a high modernist text, full of cryptic crosses between fiction and reality"

    Terry Eagleton, London Review of Books
  • "An extremely clever book, an obvious affection response to Joyce, to Ulysses , to all serious literature"

    Kevin Breathnach, Totally Dublin