• Vonnegut is masterful at quickly sketching a character who you instantly recognise and immeadiately are willing to follow... no matter the plot, you as the reader know that by the end of the story, you will get somewhere. That Vonnegut will tell you something with candour and clarity

    Dave Eggers
  • A cool writer, at once throwaway and passionate and very funny

    Financial Times
  • Unimitative and inimitable social satirist

  • While these early stories show an author still testing the boundaries of his craft and obsessions, Vonnegut's acute moral sense and knack for compelling prose are very much on display. In the foreword, Dave Eggers calls Vonnegut "a hippie Mark Twain," which perfectly captures an essential truth about this esteemed author

    Publisher's Weekly
  • Immensely readable and thoroughly entertaining.

    The Washington Post

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