• "A mischievous light touch"

    Dinah Hall, The Daily Telegraph
  • "Combines the fun of a giant’s runaway toilet roll with the fantastic line: “Fe fi fo fum, what can I use to wipe my...?”"

    The Sunday Express
  • "This is a fun rollercoaster story for young children with a jaunty rhyming text. With lovely, colourful pictures and even a gentle environmental reminder about wasting paper, it’s sure to make children giggle."

  • "A giant's toilet roll goes on a crazy journey in a very funny, typically cheeky romp with an environmental theme."

    Fiona Noble, The Bookseller
  • "Snappy rhyming couplets accompanied by textured painterly images and a subtly imbued, humorously delivered, envionmental message."

    Junior Magazine