• "A great debut. You'll be itching to read more"

    Anthony Horowitz
  • "Itchingham, a science-mad boy, is trying to collect examples of all the elements. He gets hold of a peculiar rock from a shadowy contact but some sinister heavies are also keen to get hold of it (and him) and he goes on the run in this gripping read"

    Financial Times Books of the Year
  • "An exciting and nail-biting thriller"

  • "Amid the teenage intrigue and heart-in-mouth escapades there are sequin flashes of real science: reminders that physical chemistry really does make things happen"

    Tim Radford, Guardian
  • "A cracking thriller which had me seriously worried our hero might not survive the story . . . A fantastic read for 13- to 16-year-olds, I've also got some staff who would enjoy this for a bit of 'R and R'"

    Rachel Ayres Nelson, The School Librarian