• "A vibrant tombola of stories...each a commute-friendly 20-or-so pages long."

    Time Out
  • "An excellent mix of stories - some dark and mysterious, others heart-warming and thought-provoking."

    Good Housekeeping (Reader Recommended)
  • "Harris is an intriguing writer, so this is worth a punt, if only to savour the seasonal horror of the story about a house where it's Christmas all year round."

    The Lady
  • "Strongly plotted and written in registers that are variously comical, sad and surreal...Best of all is 'Cookie', where delicious gluttony - Harris's forte - gathers a sharp note of menace."

  • "Harris inhabits a world where fantasy and reality collide in a most inventive way to produce a series of delightful, bittersweet yarns."