• "The title sequence both sends up and celebrates the talking cure"

    Mark Sanderson, Sunday Telegraph
  • "Water Sessions is a collection of fine psychological acuity and astringent beauty"

    Adam Newey, Guardian
  • "Sharp, slicing imagery gives Lasdun's poetry its deep notch of truth"

    New York Times
  • "[D]eeply literary, but cool as well... Urbane excursions in pastoral, these verses will ensure there are laurels on Lasdun's brow for many years to come"

    Giles Foden, Guardian
  • "”It Isn’t Me” will doubtless illicit a pang of recognition from many readers; “Blues for Samson”, a candid but measured take on the capricious male libido, also deserves mention. In their reflective patter, formal dexterity, serio-comic tones and depth of feeling, these are the stand-out poems in an excellent book."

    Ben Wilkinson, TLS