• The techniques and habits of mind set out in this book are a gift to anyone who has to think about what the future might bring. In other words, to everyone.

  • A terrific piece of work that deserves to be widely read . . . Highly recommended.

  • This marvelous book tells an exciting story of ordinary people beating experts in a very serious game. It is also a manual for thinking clearly in an uncertain world. Read it.

    Daniel Kahneman
  • Full of excellent advice – it is the best thing I have read on predictions . . . Superforecasting is an indispensable guide to this indispensable activity.

    The Times
  • Philip Tetlock has transformed the science of prediction.

  • The most important book on decision making since Daniel Kahneman's Thinking, Fast and Slow.

    Wall Street Journal
  • Fascinating and breezily written.

    Sunday Times
  • Superforecasting is a fascinating book.

    Daily Mail
  • Superforecasting is a very good book. In fact it is essential reading.

    Management Today
  • The best way to know if an idea is right is to see if it predicts the future. But which ideas, which methods, which people have a track record of non-obvious predictions vindicated by the course of events? The answers will surprise you, and they have radical implications for politics, policy, journalism, education, and even epistemology – how we can best gain knowledge about the world. The casual style of Superforecasting belies the profundity of its message.

    Steven Pinker

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