• "This is a tightly-written, carefully plotted story with amazing depths which is likely to remain with you long after you close the book"

    Get West London
  • "A compelling read"

    Sean Farrell, Irish Sunday Independent
  • "Vintage Fossum"

    Henry Sutton, Daily Mirror
  • "It is Karin Fossum’s wry observations of human frailty and the warmth with which she portrays even her flawed characters - that make this book such a pleasure to read. It’s rare for me to find a book that I love so much I can’t put it down, but this was one of them"

    Penny Hancock
  • "The latest offering from the “Norwegian queen of crime” is a novel of mighty power. In The Darkness, the first Inspector Sejer novel, is intricately crafted with undeniable pedigree"

    Ruth Dugdall