• The book inside is an even better book than the one the title promises... Bloom is a superb writer. His gift is in writing beautifully but plainly, and anticipating everything a reader will need to know in order to appreciate the point he will ultimately was a great pleasure to read

    Globe and Mail (Canada)
  • Paul Bloom is among the deepest thinkers and clearest writers in the science of mind today. He has a knack for coming up with genuinely new insights about mental life...and making them seem second nature through vivid examples and lucid explanations

    Steven Pinker
  • Bloom is a serious professional who knows his stuff

    Michael Bywater, Literary Review
  • Thoughtful and entertaining

    Times Literary Supplement
  • Bloom's book is different from the slew already out there about happiness. No advice here about how to become happier by organising your closets; Bloom is after something deeper than the mere stuff of feeling good

    Robin Heniq, The Scotsman

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