The Ring and the Crown

A History of Royal Weddings

Alison Weir, Kate Williams, Sarah Gristwood, Tracy Borman

As we look forward to the marriage of Harry to Meghan Markle, this book takes an informative and entertaining look back at royal weddings throughout English history.

Anticipation is mounting. The union of Prince Harry and US-born actress and human rights activist Meghan Markle draws closer. What will her dress look like? Who will be on the guest list? And what about the music, the food, the venue?

The Ring and the Crown is the definitive compilation of royal weddings through the ages by four of Britain’s preeminent historical biographers. Alison Weir takes us through medieval, Tudor and Stuart celebrations; Kate Williams illuminates us with Georgian and Victorian nuptials. Sarah Gristwood takes over the baton in 1919, when Westminster Abbey was reinstated as the traditional venue for royal brides and grooms; and Tracy Borman brings us right up to date with Kate and William’s unforgettable ceremony in 2011.

Vivid and dramatic, fascinating and funny, this book covers all types of weddings: from public celebrations surrounded by fanfare, to poignant and private unions, to secret engagements. Full of captivating anecdotal details and carefully selected illustrations, The Ring and the Crown is the ultimate compendium of royal romances.

  • Hutchinson
  • Published 31st March 2011
  • 192 Pages
  • 198mm x 255mm x 17mm
  • 842g
  • £20.00